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Whether you're an HR manager looking to incorporate on-site massage into a corporate wellness program or a team of designers hoping to relieve tension during a stressful project, WORKER PERK will come to your office or business to provide the staff with an invigorating office massage.


Servicing the Greater Los Angeles area, our licensed, insured medical massage therapists are trained to reduce stress, relax tight muscles and provide an immediate boost to workplace morale and productivity. 









A few minutes of focused, strategic massage therapy can make a huge difference. Studies have shown that a "regular" workplace program of massage therapy can:

  • Reduce employee stress levels instantly

  • Keep overall health care costs down by minimizing visits to the doctor, worker compensation claims and repetitive stress injuries

  • Increase employee loyalty and retention

  • Boost productivity, focus and morale

  • Increase participation in a corporate wellness programs as well as improved self maintenance.  


Now imagine what we can do for your team to minimize common problems like stiff neck and shoulders, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, muscle strains, bursitis and tendon injuries!

We'll even provide your staff access to online support materials to help your team keep themselves healthier.   

WORKER PERK was built upon a Medical Massage Therapy philosophy that goes beyond the standard workplace chair massage to impact overall well-being. Our therapists are trained to understand office working conditions, the typical ailments they cause and the effect repetitive stress has on the body.


Although carpal tunnel sydrome, lower back pain, sore neck and shoulders, stress headaches and poor circulation are common in the workplace, they are not healthy and can be managed. In the long term, their consequences can be detrimental to employee morale, productivity and retention. But medical massage can help.


Studies have shown that incorporating a regular program of massage therapy can have profound positive impacts on employee attitude and health. Depending on your business needs, our therapists can provide either chair or table massages to help staff feel either invigorated or relaxed, resulting in a workforce that's healthier and happier.  






Worker Perk was founded by licensed massage therapists specializing in medical and sports massage. After years working in small and large companies Worker Perk was created to meet the needs we knew existed and were underserved: focused office therapy. 


Knowing clearly and sometimes first hand the results of working long office hours, we set out to create a team of therapists that were educated in anatomy, physiology, and kinesiology that could provide focused treatment on the common ailments of office work from sciatic pain to just overall stress. We compiled treatment programs and protocols for each type of job and its effects and hired therapists that shared a passion for giving the best possible custom therapeutic treatment. 

This is where we as a company stand out. It is our knowledge and clear understanding that everyone's needs are different and each therapy session should be treated with that in mind to give the best type of therapy possible. 

Call us and we will visit your company, demonstrate what it is that sets us apart and show you how we can help you and your staff live healthier and more pleasant lives. 




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